Full Version: Fable III's unused Minecraft Demon Door?
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Today, while I was watching a stream archive of Fable II from a fellow named RTGame, one of the level designers for Fable II & III had joined the chat and shared a very interesting (and apparently obscure) piece of lost content that was planned for Fable III.
The dev's provided handle was "@Lionbum," which indeed checks out via Twitter.

At one point in development, there was a Demon Door which was planned to lead into a Minecraft-inspired area. Referred to as "The Crafting Mine," it was carried out with approval from Markus "Notch" Persson, but was ultimately scrapped because the area proved too difficult to have it fully polished in time (Lionbum noted that it was not well-suited for the F3 engine). Prototype footage was linked in the stream, showing that the area had destructible terrain, including trees and an underground cavern.

RT mentioned that this trivia has not been included on the Fable Wiki, nor was he familiar with it prior to Lionbum's comment, but the prototype footage was uploaded to YouTube on September 3, 2012, meaning that this essentially went under the radar for nearly eight years.

For reference, here is the archived stream highlights from RTGame:

Note: discussion of the cut area begins at 8:06 and continues until 9:05

And here is Lionbum's provided prototype footage in full:

Curious if we might could get a follow-up on this, or comb through the full stream archive for anything else noteworthy that Lionbum mentioned.