Full Version: Fortnite's development hell
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The cult classic that is currently known as Fortnite was stuck in development hell, with such development beginning as early as 2011 when it was first announced at the Spike Video Game Awards. The earliest idea for Fortnite was a horror-style third-person shooter similar to "Gears of War," another game also developed by Epic Games.

Fortnite was originally made using "Unreal Engine 3," but later shifted to its successor "Unreal Engine 4" due to new high-tech functions that its predecessor didn't have. Because of this, the game was almost a PC-exclusive game and was set for a 2013 release, as Epic Games did not want to wait months for a game to get approved by console manufacturers, such as Nintendo and Sony. However, they later acknowledged that a console release (Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360/One) could not be ruled out.

Unfortunately, Epic Games had trouble developing Fortnite as soon as the company shifted to the new "Unreal Engine 4" game engine. This resulted in Epic Games bringing in other developers of famous MMOPGs to help finish up on the final product.

The idea of building forts stemmed from an idea where players had to play mini-games in order to complete their fortifications. They later changed it so that the forts built themselves whenever the player opened up the "edit" function."