Full Version: Sonic Riders may actually poke fun at Kirby air ride...
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Hey everyone!

This isn't something that I had just discovered but something I even noticed when I was younger. (Why it took me this long to post it? Who knows.) 

The Kirby Air Ride How to Play videos (for each mode) have a rather quirky and somewhat unique) style to them. However the Sonic Riders game's Tutorial vid may have also poked fun at those Air Ride vids. 

For Example Here's the "How to Play" for the Kirby game's "Air Ride" mode. (there are also ones for Top Ride and City Trail modes but they're done in the same exact style):

And here's the similar video in the Sonic game:

The resemblances are (at least in my opinion) very uncanny!

Both feature certain footage with no sound and just music; (Music itself that is unique to those videos and can't be found anywhere else in the game.) Both feature similar large White-Lettered fonts and prominently-displayed controller buttons; Both use slow-motion to highlight important parts; Among other similarities.

Also, it should be of note that both games are unique character-based racing games in respective Action-Adventure/Platformer series that don't normally have racing games within them. 

So, Possible reference?