Full Version: Yoko thinks its cute and will sell well!
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When the first 8 characters (Alice, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Gretel, and Kaguya) were revealed, the notes by Yoko Taro repeated "Very cute! I believe she’ll/he'll sell well!" When the 9th character (Little Mermaid) was revealed he used his note to directly addressed lackluster comments:

"I’ve been commenting my honest feelings of “Very cute! I believe she’ll sell well!” about all the designs we’ve presented up until now, but someone pointed out that “Yoko Taro is really slacking it with his comments.” So this time, please allow me to change the comment to: “If we’re talking cute or not cute, then she’s very cute! If you’re wondering whether she’ll sell well or not sell well, I think she’ll sell well!! But even if she does sell well there won’t be any money in it for me or Jino-san, and I can’t sleep at night thinking about the wonderful people at Pokelabo or Square Enix pocketing the money!”