Full Version: Pokémon Red, Green & Blue sprite differences
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The Pokémon sprites were changed in Japan for their special edition of the game, Pokémon Blue. Originally, Pokémon Red and Green had different sprites to those of the English release. These new sprites were used in the international release of the game. It's widely agreed that the revised version in Pokémon Red & Blue are far superior to those in Pokémon Green, where a lot of proportions were out of place.

These two links will show you all of the Pokémons graphics from both versions:


Hold on a second there.

The sprites were changed before translation.

There are multiple versions of Pokemon.

v1.0: Red & Green (Japan only, gray cartridges. Ugly sprites.)
v1.1: Blue (Japan only, limited edition, new engine, new sprites, etc.)
v1.2: Red & Blue (International release. Uses Blue Version Japan as its base engine, and not v1.0.)
v1.3: Yellow Version (More updates, new sprites, etc)

The sprites were changed for the Japanese blue version before the translated versions even existed.

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DAT original Mew sprite.
I've gone ahead and updated the trivia. My bad!
You think Mew is bad, look at that Ekans and Wigglytuff.

Those are some of my favorites.
First thought seeing that Fartech'd Gooby Plz.
Then I noticed Golduck and it looks like Gooby.
(03-17-2013, 04:38 AM)lividd3ad Wrote: [ -> ]DAT original Mew sprite.

Right? It looks like an aborted fetus!
I'm going to be honest, I kind of liked some of the "ugly" sprites.