Full Version: Sega Power Base Converter
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Sega Power Base Converter - Sega Retro Wiki
This Wiki page has full details about Sega Power Base Converter.

Gaming Historian Video about Sega Power Base Converter
This video shows a short history and explains about Sega Power Base Converter.

Sega Power Base Converter (Sega Genesis) // Famicom Dojo / 16-bit Wars
This video explains how Sega Power Base Converter work.

Compatible (and Incompatible) Sega Power Base Converter Games (SMS) // Famicom Dojo / Denshimail
This video shows Sega Power Base Converter does work with Sega Genesis Model 2. But the back tab blocks Power and AV Output. This video also shows F-16 Fighting Falcon running on Sega Power Base Converter.

Gamerade - Sega CD (4X) Memory Card and (Slim) Power Base Converter - Adam Koralik
This part of the video shows Sega Power Base Converter is not compatible with Sega 32X. The reason why it's because Sega 32X does not have Sega Master System Hardware.
Could you please explain your evidence in detail in the post as opposed to just pasting a bunch of links, then resubmit your trivia?