Full Version: SINoALICE x Drakengard collab
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the Drakengard 3 collaboration with SINoALICE feature:

Berserker job
Cleric job - featuring her using Manah's Staff from Drakengard 2 as a weapon
[Image: 159?cb=20180327170034][Image: 159?cb=20180327170050]

Berserker job
[Image: 159?cb=20180327170317]

Sorcerer job
[Image: 158?cb=20180327170444]

Boy Mikhail - Human version of Mikhail
Paladin job
[Image: 159?cb=20180327165604]

[Image: latest?cb=20140422035543]

The Lonely Twins- an enemy that appears like One and her brother wrapped in cloth. Seems to be based on an unused design of One from the Drakengard 3 artbook. When it's health reaches half, it's white robes turn blood red, in reference to One's robe in Ending A.
[Image: 177?cb=20180327170335][Image: 212?cb=20180512180241][Image: 104?cb=20180401052916]

The Loving Couple - an enemy that looks like Two with Cent's swords and Egregori's armor.
[Image: latest?cb=20180327172145][Image: 133?cb=20131018164557][Image: 134?cb=20140422040011]

The Foolish Sisters - Three caskets with Three, Four and Five's weapons and crests engraved on them. They also display abilities they had in the manga that were not present in the original game.
[Image: 184?cb=20180327172317][Image: 205?cb=20180512174956][Image: 106?cb=20131228142119][Image: 139?cb=20140422035441][Image: 83?cb=20131018164912]
Can you point out where in the Sisters' videos their crests appear?

You can also remove whatever the broken image in loving couple and the wiki link were. They weren't necessary as far as I can tell.
With the exception of Three, I can't really find anything without jumping straight into the game, but the Fire Sanctuary link should cover it