Full Version: Shake II - The song "Give Me" is better known for its use in a TF2 map
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Game: Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi Slot Simulator Shake II

The Song "Give Me" is better known in the west by the Team Fortress 2 community for its use in the community-made map wacky_races_v2

The video from the game that plays as you play:

Gameplay video showing the character who sings the song, F.K. in the intro

Gameplay video featuring another ingame music video:

Gameplay on the map with the song:

YouTubers who attribute the song to the map (at least one does attribute Shake II as well but likely would not have heard of the game without the song's use in the map):

This uploader mentions the map:

Google search results for tf2 "wacky races" (with quotes), 3,510 results

Google Search results for "Shake II" "Give Me" (with quotes), 2,260 results