Full Version: USF2: Version differences
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Firts of all, I like to thank SRK user bakfromon for finding this out.

Aside from the minor gameplay differences, some other changes were made to USF2:

1.USF2 has completely removed any USSR reference including the emblem on the flag which was featured in the HDR ending for Zangief. The USSR emblem in Zangief's stage in both classic and new mode has also been removed as well.

The endings:



I'm not putting the classic SF2 ending because no matter if you choose the classic graphics or the new ones, you'll still see the newer endings.

Now, here are the stages

Classic soviet stage:
[Image: VIR_336115_25369_sabes_reconocer_de_quie...cb=9104359]

HD soviet stage:
[Image: 018.jpg]

Non-soviet stage (classic and HD):
[Image: 7mX7dvg.jpg]

[Image: H7omLno.jpg]

Zangief's character portrait in Ultra (notice Evil Ryu and Violent Ken):
[Image: C4tjQq7UkAAvrmP.jpg]

Zangief's character portrait in HD remix:
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
2. Shin Akuma:

Shin Akuma has now a pre-battle dialogue against the player character:


Additionally, Shin Akuma's SGS animation has been changed. However, Akuma and Evil Ryu's animations remain unchanged.
[Image: lYCQRSB.jpg]

[Image: XcclYPy.jpg]

[Image: UcQlwOY.jpg]