Full Version: Digimon Battle Server
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I was asked to make this thread so here it is.

All there is to it that there once existed a Digimon online fighting game called Digimon Battle Server, which only went through a beta but was then never actually released. So, an unreleased game in the Digimon franchise.

Here's some terrible footage of it but the only one I could find. There are a lot of videos titled "Digimon Battle Online" but they are about a different game called Digimon Battle. "Online" is not part of its name, it just happens to be an MMO. And it was actually released.

Here's the game's development page through Wayback Machine:

In there you can find the game had its Japanese beta around 2003. There is a mention of a 2001 Korean beta on Wikimon and I did find some mentions of it back when I originally tried to post this trivia, but those mentions are now buried deep in the depths of the internet so we'll just have to go with the Japanese beta here. The video above is from the Korean beta but the video description only says early 2000s so no help there. Still though, this would indicate the game had been in development for at least two years with a running beta and then they just pulled the plug on it.

Here is some English information on the game:

It's basically what is mentioned in the Japanese development page but it's here for clarity's sake.