Full Version: Extreme Genitalia in Watchdogs 2
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A PSN player, Goron2000, received a temporary ban for sharing on Twitter an in game screenshot that showed a fully rendered and hidden vagina after accidentally discovering it. Ubisoft created a patch to cover the vagina of one particular NPC, but interestingly left penises in the game. The player's ban was eventually lifted after several gaming news sources attempted to contact Sony for comment. 

Here is a link to the pic on Twitter (NSFW):
So, did they ever confirmed if they were going to censor the penises? Because if they are going to remove the vaginas from the game, might as well remove the dongs.
I'm not sure and from what I read, it's going to be that specific NPC. I watched a youtube video that shows a group of "hippies" and it had a naked woman hula-hooping; butt naked as in breasts, butt and bush. Apparently she's not going to be censored but the guy who recorded it didn't kill her to get the view Goron2000 did.

EDIT: the NPC that had the vagina exposed was removed completely in update 1.4