Full Version: Giftpia - South Park sample
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The song "Icicle" in the JP-Exclusive game Giftpia contains garbled up voice samples.

These vocal samples are actually audio from S1E13 of South Park, "Mecha-Streisand", just garbled up. 

Here is a link to the episode's script, as I'll be referencing lines in it.

The first part (from 1:02 - 1:28) is the conversation between Barbra Streisand, Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Officer Barbrady, starting with the line "Triangle of Zinthar?" and ending with "No excuses, move along, you little troublemakers!" This is most clear towards the end, where if you listen closely, you can make out the dialogue between Stan and Barbrady, and that the word "troublemakers!" isn't garbled.

Later on, at 3:50, the samples come back in, starting with the line "Well, you ain't Fiona Apple, and if you ain't Fiona Apple, I don't give a rat's ass!" going into Leonard Matlin's line "If Barbra Streisand saw the same report I did, then those boys are in grave danger. If you were Barbra Streisand, where would you be right now?", however Leonard Matlin's line is cut off before it's finished.

Link to clip of conversation between Babra, Barbrady, and the kids, along with the audio "Fiona Apple" bit (audio sampled starts at 2:08; clip is of course NSFW)

Sadly, I couldn't find a clip of the audio right after it, which would include the Chef & Leonard Maltin audio sampled.