Full Version: SSX 3 - Unused Artwork
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Several pieces of artwork drawn by comic book artist Nate Warren are featured in the game. However, not all pieces of artwork made by him made it in the final game. Several pieces of artwork were dropped from the game due to being too risque (which would've comprised the game's "E for Everyone" rating").

One of the pieces of artwork was redrawn (The character art for Elise) and included in the final game, however the other two (a scene of all the girls covered in snow, and the other being a dance party) were not included.
Nate Warren's comment on this one:

"Another one of the illos that Ryan Kinnaird and I did for EA's snowboarding game SSX3... or, more accurately, the ORIGINAL version of the illo, featuring a rather egregiously exploitative pin-up pose of statuesque sexpot Elise. The pose really was a bit much, and might well have endangered the game's "E For Everyone" ESRB rating if left as is... So I came up with a tamer, revised pose for the final piece. (In fact, I actually prefer that later version to this one's rather less-than-subtle sense of "Look at my butt! Also, look how my bewbs are all squooshy!")"
("SSX3 4-girl pile-up illo")

Nate Warren's comment on it:

"Another illo that Ryan Kinnaird and I did for EA's snowboarding videogame SSX3... This one, like the "dance club" illo I posted earlier, didn't make it into the actual game, lest SSX3'S "E For Everyone" rating be endangered. 

Can't blame EA for that eminently sensible decision, though, as the piece IS more than a tad obnoxious... and somewhat inaccurate, as Allegra should be wearing boxers instead of "boy shorts" underwear."

("SSX3 'Dance' Group Shot")

Nate Warren's comment on it:

"Whoops, breaking up the gallery's string of B&W EMPOWERED pages with a quick jump back to another full-color illo that Ryan Kinnaird and I did for EA's snowboarding game SSX3. Me on the linen-finish line art, Ryan on the extensive color art. 

In an unsurprising twist, this illo wasn't used in the game itself, as the chicas were (correctly) deemed a mite too spicy for a game rated "E For Everyone." Several illos ran afoul of that problem, in fact. I'm told, however, that this particular piece was released as a print...?"