Full Version: Overwatch Sombra ARG
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THis is an ongoing event. If anyone wants to help me organize the events, I'd appreciate it. This stuff makes no sense to me at this point, but I'm going to try anyway once its all taken care of.

This is pretty comprehensive and I will be using it as reference for perspective for what we knew at the end of August.
You know, a crazy thing a dude I've been playing Overwatch with noticed in the trailer for the new map.

Look very closely at the chandelier at 1:30. Yes, I know, a bat swoops by, but maybe it was placed there to pull our attention up there (or possibly to divert it). On the right side of the chandelier (on top of it) the beams of light seem to distort and kinda make it look a bit like a silhouette of a person. There have been rumors that a new character would have a skill involving invisibility. Sombra said, mentioned in the video above, that she would "have to go unnoticed while this ends".

Proof of the possibility of an invisible character:
If anyone wants to try and tackle this, go right on ahead. This has been the most drawn out, contrived event I have ever seen, and I've watched Presidential debates.