Full Version: Pokemon Sun and Moon Alolan forms
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So a couple of the new Alolan forms for the old pokemon seem to actually allude to old things from past games.

First up is Exeggutor and his ginormous neck and a buttface.
[Image: Alola-Exeggutor_zpsfh9yuata.jpg]

There is a possibility that Exeggutor actually hail from the Alolan islands, as its entry in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (and their remakes) says this:
[Image: GBA--Pokemon%20Ruby_Jan24%2015_25_16.png] [Image: 4be37542e699950fa357c2d44859b3d4bbdbfdef_hq.jpg]

Couldn't find an image from Emerald's pokedex but it basically says the same thing: "Originally from the tropics, Exeggutor's heads grow larger from exposure to strong sunlight. It is said that when the heads fall, they group to form an Exeggcute."

Furthermore, Crystal's pokedex mentions that in a good environment it could grow more heads.
[Image: exeg_zpsgrbpew3k.png]

For the fun of it, here's also an image from the badly translated Vietnamese version:
[Image: gutor_zpsobe0yxlw.png]

So basically it is said he comes from the tropics (Alola being the first of those in the main series) and it is there that they are in good enough of a climate that they start growing more heads (the head on the tail).

His profile on the Sun and Moon website also say that "the people of Alola boast that the Alolan Exeggutor is the true form of Exeggutor."

And just to top it off, here's a list of all his pokedex entries.

Additional image I found online. Apparently a long necked Exeggutor has been seen in some old, official artwork.
[Image: screen-shot-2016-08-02-at-3-23-45-pm.jpg...=all&w=780]

Next up we have Alolan Raichu. Look at this cute bastard, ready to electrocute your tits off with his 100,000 volts of electricity.
[Image: 600px-026Raichu-Alola.png]

Actual footage in a trailer (about 2:35 in):

So as you can see, this Raichu is surfing. On its tail. He even has the ability "Surge Surfer", as seen in the trailer. Now obviously he doesn't get the water typing but that's not the main point here, it's the surfing.

Those who know their pokeymans like Bill Cosby already probably get that this most likely is a reference to the Surfing Pikachu, seen in pretty much everything pokemon related. Just look at how much this creature loves to surf!

[Image: Pikachu_Beach.png][Image: Surfing_Pikachu_OW_sprite_Y.png][Image: Surf_PBR.png]
[Image: Surfing_Pikachu_Snap.png][Image: Surfing_Pikachu_BW087.png]
[Image: Yellow_Pikachu_PM.png][Image: SurfingPikachuWizardsPromo28.jpg]

And that's it for now. If there are more Alolan forms to come that have something to do with previous games or the like, I'll add them here.
I'm adding one that I somehow missed and one pre-emptively.

Marowak's ghost type form is most likely a reference to the original Marowak ghost from the first four Pokemon games and their remakes (namely Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fire Red and Leaf Green). In those you had to face a Marowak's ghost in the Pokemon Tower, a creature that had put a curse on the place due to Team Rocket's horrible deeds, one of which ended in the death of this pokemon.

Here's the official page on the Sun and Moon website:

Here's a picture:
[Image: a-marowak.png]

Here's another picture (from Fire Red and Leaf Green):
[Image: Ghost.png]

And to top this off, here's an entire Bulbapedia page on literal ghosts in the series:

And for the hell of it, here's Marowak's ghostly form mentioned.

This is one that is just a theory of mine but the Alolan Meowth being dark type could be a little nod to the whole Team Rocket's Meowth thing and the Dark Persian from the TCG (which coincidentally debuted in the Team Rocket set).

[Image: meowth-770x562.png]

The two variations of the Persian card:
[Image: DarkPersianTeamRocket42.jpg]
[Image: 575px-NintendoPowerDarkPersianInsert.jpg]

Coincidentally Rocket's Meowth had his own card, too.
[Image: 180px-TeamRocketMeowthWizardsPromo18.jpg]

Oh yeah, here's the source on the Persian:

Now I'm just waiting for the Alolan Persian to be announced for this to make even a bit more sense.
Dang... These are some old cards! You've got a really good memory to make these connections.
Or maybe I'm just a huge nerd :D I actually remember the Dark Persian card because it was the first "Dark" card I ever got, back when the Team Rocket set originally came out.

I actually didn't even know Rocket's Meowth had a card of its own until I was searching for the Persian pics, but since it did I decided to add it for funsies. What I find the most interesting with this Meowth is that it's one of the few cards from the old TCG days that cannot evolve, obviously referring to how he is in the show.