Full Version: Tony Hawk Worked On The Turbografx
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Ok, this one just sounds kind of cool, but I'll include the link to the video interview in this thread.  But it was such a nifty little one, I'd figured I'd let everyone read it here before it spends a long time waiting to get published.
Tony Hawk, the pro skateboarder, did video editing on the side at the start of his pro skating career, as he couldn't make a living on skateboarding alone.  Some of his video editing work was for a game devolper that made games for the Turbografx-16, or PC engine outside of the US.  He mentions the company's name in this video, but I can't make out the name.  He also mention the Turbografx by name, saying it was ironic that he went from working on video games to having games made about him.
(Skip to 7:30 in the video)