Full Version: Jill Valentine: Resident Evil 1 Design - Inconsistent Hair length
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In the original Resident Evil, Jill Valentine has a short haircut, with her hair just reaching past her ears.
[Image: latest?cb=20100520155424]

However, the live action actress who portrayed her in the opening and ending, Inezh, had long hair, and used the hat to make it appear short.
[Image: una-kavanagh-as-jill-valentine-3.png?w=690&h=259]

Oddly enough, this actually falls in line with Jill's original concept design, where she had long hair.
[Image: latest?cb=20120414060753]

In Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Jill once again has long hair that is made to appear short via the hat she wears. This can be seen in one of her victory poses.

[Image: tumblr_ntankctEUa1ue2b8so10_400.gif]

Don't know if this necessarily counts as "trivia" just thought it was something interesting.
You know, I've talked with a few RE fans in my time and I do remember some of them mentioning Jill keeping her hair tucked and her beret. The official version does have short hair (image below from REmake) so the hair inconsistency is interesting to say the least. Maybe Jill's victory pose from MvC2 was a nod to Inezh herself. Seeing how she actually keeps her hair under the beret instead of just letting it be like in the concept art this would seem more plausible.

[Image: iur.jpg]

Also according to this texture pack from the original game (Director's Cut, to be specific) he hair seems to be just short in general.
[Image: JillValentine.png]

Still, looking at her from this angle, it really could be either.
[Image: Barry-Burton-and-Jill-Valentine.jpg]