Full Version: D.Va's old mech
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D.Va's old mech design was seen in a Blizzard event on a wall piece. The rest of the art is of the already finalized character designs.

[Image: Litb5QE.gif]

The characters, from left to right, are ??? (we'll get to this later), Bastion, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Tracer, Widowmaker, Zenyatta, McCree, Winston, Pharah, Mercy, Symmetra, Roadhog, D.Va, Reaper and Junkrat.

You can check the character concepts the silhouettes are of here:

Yes, I know, the D.Va art on that site is her final design. However, here's a picture of the concept designs for her mech, or MEKA, as it is named in the game. It's the first design.

[Image: kbeM9Jnr.jpg]

Now, and this is just a side note, the first character silhouette. It's a mystery. Out of the characters it could be, there are Hanzo, Genji, Mei, Zarya, Lucio and Soldier 76. None of their art on the image folder I linked earlier fit but of course it could be another concept of one of those characters, as is with D.Va. However...

The art seems similar to this robotic character next to Tracer in the original character roster of Overwatch.
[Image: overwatch-team-during-first-cinematic.jpg]
Some rumors say it's Athena's physical form (Athena is the AI Winston speaks to in his trailer) and the robot does seem to have Athena's logo on its forehead.

[Image: oLND08SSSFIYNUAzC2CE46mszJ3pQ9xBQVF-gcxw...c87addfce6]

Anyway, the latter part is just extra speculation, this trivia is about that D.Va design.
Bringing this thread back up since I was way off with my speculation about the character on the left. It may have not been the trivia I posted but I still want to correct my mistake. I was looking up some of Sombra's concept art out of interest and look what I found.
[Image: sombra_concept_early.0.jpg]
The character in the far left is most definitely Sombra, back when she was, according to Polygon, "a double-jumping, knife-throwing ninja". This character trait, as most definitely everyone who's played the game knows, belongs to Genji now, who back then was still the same character as Hanzo before they got split into two seperate characters (I have a trivia on that pending as well).

I'll probably use this as a new trivia now that I got it figured out.