Full Version: Street Fighter II: World Warrior opening scene fighters
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During the opening scene of Street Fighter II: World Warrior, two non-playable fighters are shown, one punches the other and then the screen scrolls up a skyscraper to display the game's logo.
The fighters' names were revealed to be Max and Scott as part of Street Fighter V Shadaloo's "activity report" in Capcom's Japanese website.

At this point, they are still non-playable. Perhaps they'll become playable fighters or in the story mode in upcoming DLC.

[Image: jpg]

Max (on the left in the opening scene)
[Image: max01.jpg?h=28be215b9354b1eb64207492aa475593]

Scott (on the right in the opening scene)
[Image: scott01.jpg?h=fa45ca3cb25351aa2119cac106c9c62d]
Additionally, before their names were revealed in 2016, it was rumored that Max was Mike and Scott was either Joe or Cody.

Oh, and for future reference, here's the article for Street Fighter V Shadaloo's "activity report".
So i was reading the Eurogamer article that kakariko used as a source when then this happened:

Quote:Street Fighter 5 is set between Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4, and, of course, after Street Fighter 2. Here's what he looks like "now" Where did the autor got that from? Capcom confirmed a few weeks before the release of the game that SFV takes place between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3 (the author pretty much reversed the order).