Full Version: Final Fantasy Legend(?)
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The name change is addressed in the first segment of the video:
This has also been covered in an article called "Milking The Final Fantasy Franchise" in the August 2001 issue of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.

You can see the evolution of the series on the front page of SaGa Wiki:

The forum post that had the scan from Video Game Quest:

JP and US cover comparison:
[Image: ffsaga_zpsdaa92988.png]
Yes in the west it's a Final Fantasy title but in Japan it remains to be a SaGa game. The same with Legend II and Legend III. The game Final Fantasy Adventure, whilst being the first in the Mana series, also featured the same similar cover design to Legend II however it was still called Final Fantasy in Japan.

As this site views games from the Western perspective, it should be still categorized as part of the Final Fantasy series but with this trivia posted to explain how it's part of both that and the SaGa series.