Full Version: Silver earrings on Link - SSB 3DS
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I may need some assistance, please. I was looking at trophies and spotted this. I took a picture with my phone camera; all images I could find through Google had low resolutions.

Although Link has blue earrings in all Zelda games, in which he wears earrings, the trophy of Epona in Super Smash Bros for 3DS had Link wearing what looks like silver earrings.
To see them, you must zoom in and rotate the trophy.

[Image: PWSn1Lu.jpg]
I made a mistake in my trivia submission. I bought the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time and realized Link's earrings are changed to silver. I will submit a console difference trivia and change the wording of the already accepted trivia.
[Image: ngUoDux.jpg]

Art for the N64 game
[Image: link7-2.png]