Full Version: Resident Evil 2 for Tiger 99x
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Resident Evil 2 had an official handheld LCD game made of it back in 1998. The system it was running on was the Tiger 99x, the last of Tiger's electronic LCD game systems. It was made due to Tiger still having a deal with Capcom after their version. Since that system didn't sell too well, they decided to make the most out of the deal and made a kind of a lite version of the version to be run on a standalone handheld.

Actual, clear gameplay:

The game's description on RF Generation

Everything you need to know on RE Wiki

AsĀ  a bit of extra information, this is also the only version of RE2 (or any of the main series' games before RE5) out there that featured a multiplayer function. Two RE2 99x's could be connected via a connection cable and the players could compete for a high score. Its multiplayer features predate Survivor 2's by two years.

Here's a picture of the link cable I found on eBay:
[Image: %24_35.JPG]