Full Version: Kendo shot first
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This one's a doozy. I can't make any sense of it so I won't drop it in as trivia until I actually find something conclusive so for now I'm just using this thread to dump all my links to.

So what I'm trying to figure out here is this one little scene in Resident Evil 2 that was, God knows why, altered in some versions so that Robert Kendo, the Kendo Gun Shop owner who gets mauled right at the beginning of the game, does NOT shoot at the zombies attacking him. Below are links to all versions of the game, timestamped to the moment the zombies crash through the window. Be warned though, the sound's pretty loud. All of them are from Leon A scenario so they are easily comparable.

Nintendo 64
PlayStation DualShock ver.
PC (1999)

And for good measure, here's the infamous version, in which the whole scene with Kendo is removed and when going to his shop he is nowhere to be seen. Only his shotgun can be seen on the floor and a single zombie occupying the place. Not sure if that's supposed to be Robert, the graphics are pretty messed up.

In case you're thinking it's a regional difference, here's footage from the PAL GC version (Claire scenario, couldn't find Leon) and from the country where games more often get censored, German PS1 version.

As you can probably see, apart from the version every single one is exactly the same. Yet, this footage exists.

In case you're thinkin that's modded or somehow doctored footage, my own PC version has this exact same version of the scene. Sadly, I can't get footage from it right now since my cd-drive is broken.

Oh, and the PSN version is just a straight port of the US PlayStation version so I didn't feel like finding a video specific to that version.

Anyway, I'll get back to this strange difference in versions once I get more out of it.