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(It's worth noting that Hideki Naganuma gets most of his sample from sample CDs. I'm citing where they originally came from before the sample CD, unless the original source has yet to be found, or if the source IS the sample CD.)

The song "Rock it On!" contains the sample "Rock that shit, Homie!". This Either comes from the song "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man" or "Terminator X Speaks With His Hands" both by Public Enemy.
The song "Metal Scratchin" contains several samples. The main one "Do it! Go ahead! Scratch Me!" is actually from the Looney Tunes Merry Meloldies "Scratch Me!"

The laugh that appears around 58 seconds in is from the Peech Boys' "Don't Make Me Wait (Acapella)."
(Will update with more as I find them).

The song "It's a New Record!" contains the phrase "Hit Record!" repeated over and over. This is a sample of the Barracudas song "Summer Fun."
Water Palace contains the "Back to Back! Spin it on it's Back! Back to back, on the turntables; Back!" sample. This is a sample of the phrase "Spin it and the turntables, back to back!" from the song "Haunted House of Rock" by Whodini.
"Right There, Ride On" contains the namesake sample "Right There, Ride On!" this is actually two different samples. The phrase "Right There" comes from the Universal Studios Network Sound Effects Library, and "Ride On!" comes from the 101 Digital Sound Effects sample CD.
"Ethno Circus" contains an odd sample at the beginning (That also plays throughout the track). This is a sample of the song "Donnie" by The It.
The song "Sweet Soul Brother" contains the sample "He's a sweet soul brother!", This is from "Soul Man' by "Sweet" Charles Sherrell.
"That's Enough" and the song "Like This, Like That (AKA I Like It Like That") contain the samples "The music just turns me on!" and "You make me feel so good!". What people don't know is that these two sample are the same women.  This is because they are actually both from the same artist "Mikey Dread". That's Enough's sample comes from the song "Saturday Night Style" and the other comes from the song "Comic Strip" (It's also worth noting that "That's Enough" also features the Peech Boy's laugh sample featured in "Metal Scratchin")
Like it Like That also contains a voice saying "I Like it! I Like it!" This is from the Speedy Gonzalez cartoon, specifically the episode "Cattails for Two." (The sample appears at 44s in the song)

The song Let it Go contains a rap. This rap comes form the Masterbits Rhapsody Vocals sample CD. It's highly assumed this rap come from the CD.
This sample is very popular, used in Street Fighter III, Ollie King, Ar Tonelico, Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, and Einhander.

The "Get funky!" sample heard in "Let Mom Sleep" is from Norman Cook's "Skip to my Loops!" sample CD.
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If you haven't seen it already there is a video about Naganuma's samples.

It's pretty good, and I covers many many songs. Check it if you haven't found them on your quest here.
The vocal sample "Wrapped in Black" from the song of the name (which appears in Sonic Rush), is actually not saying "Wrapped in Black". It's saying "Rappin' Black." The sample is from the song "Sell Yourself' by Watts Prophets.
The intro to the Jet Set Radio song "Up-Set Attack" is actually a sample of the song "Saturday Night Style" by Mikey Dread.
The song "Sneakman" contains the sample "I said it before and I'll say it again." This is from "Boogie Down (Do It)" by Catch 22.
The song "Rock it On!" contains an odd female sample. She is actually saying "Viva la Revolucion!", as the sample is from "Viva la Revolucion" by 2 in Line.
Not sure if it'll help, but might want to spoiler the videos. Hit my computer in the face when I opened this tab.
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The song Ska Cha Cha from Sonic Rush has a whistle sample that comes in partway through the song. This comes from Norman Cook's Skip to My Loops Sample CD, and is 221_cook on the CD. It's also believed that this is the whistle sample used in the song I Like It Like That from Jet Set Radio Future.

IIRC (No source for this one sorry) the sample tracks that Naganuma uses, or at least some of the more common ones, actually come from some generic set of samples that you can buy for very cheap, or come with the software used to make the music.

That's why you'll sometimes hear the same samples used again, even in other songs. They're easy to use and acquire and don't cost a lot of money, Sega must've had these stock samples somewhere around and gave them to Naganuma to use for his work.