Full Version: Huniepop - Lusties Nightclub
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The original song for the location "Lusties Nightclub" had lyrics, and a different insturmental to accommodate the lyrics. According to the composer, "WorldofWandag", "It [the song] was a 'Romanian' club song I composed for a feature film. They didn't end up using it so I took out the lyrics and figured it would be a great club theme for Huniepop. Luckily, it worked."

The final game uses a slightly edited instrumental version of the original song.

(Original song)

(Final version)

Another draft, A more dubstep inspired version of the song, was also cut, but at the composers own admission. To quote him "I felt it was too crazy for a club scene that involved cute anime girls."

(Dubstep inspired mix)

(These quotes btw, are ripped for the descriptions for the videos, as he himself is the uploader.)