Full Version: Demon's Soul's: "Hanging Woman"
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There is unused dialogue of a woman identified as "Hanging Woman." The dialogue shows that the woman is in pain and misery and wants the player to cut her down from wherever she is, killing her in the process.
The Hanging Woman is heavily implied to be the daughter of Stockpile Thomas, as in the beginning of the Boletarian Palace (World 1-1) there is a location of two hanging corpses that can be cut down, one holding a female armor set (Old Raggedy Robes) and the other a Jade Hair Ornament. According to the event triggered by Stockpile Thomas, the Jade Hair Ornament belonged to his daughter. It is not known if the Raggedy Robes belonged to her at some point, or some other woman, who may have been her mother/Thomas's wife who also did not make it out alive or just another different person.
The event was never finished, as in the final version of the game the two hanging corpses found are actually male and already dead, which implies the two simply picked up the Jade Hair Ornament and Raggedy Robes before being killed.