Full Version: Demon's Souls: Completely unused level + NPCs and Enemies
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. -- Video of the Broken Archstone map, known as the "Northern Limit." Also throws in the enemies and NPCs. -- Better video, uses debug mode to access the area. Shows the Statues and the two unknown NPCs. -- Footage of the Yeti's and Statues spawned into a different map. - Serpent Man at work - Owl Mages - Wounded Wolves - "Filthy One"  -- Serpent Men, apparently were to be in the third area of the unused map. -- "Mimic" statues (model name "March planarian") set to spawn in first area of unuased map. -- Believed to be "Filthy One" from text dumps and was set to spawn in the first and second area of the unused map. Is covered in centipedes and maggots. Her model is named "Wandering Demon." -- A "Yeti" monster with a large mouth on it's torso. Set to load in the first area of the unused map. -- An unknown Monocole-wearing man, set to spawn in the second area of the unused map.
[attachment=168] - Archstones, plus the one destroyed one.

Other models similar to the others have also been found, but have not been set in the map itself; - Wolf Warrior - Bear Warrior - Hyena Warrior - Owl Mage - Wounded Wolf - Shadow Bird

In the game, there are six visible "archstones" that allow the player to enter levels, but only five of them are useable. The sixth one is visibly destroyed and was originally one for the "land of the giants." According to the story, the Archstone was destroyed intentionally to contain the spread of demons, as it was the first area to be hit by it.

However, there were originally plans to have the area be accessible, with the name of the stage called "The Northern Limit." A large leftover map has been found, with a large number of unused enemies and NPCs;
[*] Serpent Men, Wolf Warriors, Bear Warriors, Hyena Warriors, Owl Mages, Wounded Wolfs and "Shadow Birds" (A demon-like crow) were set to spawn in the map. The idea of the Serpent Men were reused in the next Soul's game, Dark Souls.
[*]A very large Yeti-like monster with a large mouth on it's torso.
[*]"Mimic" Statues called "March planarian" that have two forms; A "passive" statue like one, presumably to disguise it's self as a statue, and a "berserk" version, presumably after it has caught the player off guard.
[*]Two animal-like creatures, a Wounded Wolf and a Crow-like demon called a "Shadow Bird."
[*]Two unique NPCS. One is a robed man with a monocle that only has idle animations, who is set to load in the second area of the map. The other is a woman which named "Wandering Demon", but may also be called "Filthy One" according to text-dumps.  She wears a red dress, has insects crawling on her, wields a serpent staff and was set to spawn in the first and second areas of the map.

It is not known why the area was cut and left unfinished, but it is presumed to be because of time limitations.