Full Version: I AM MURLOC Art has Spongbob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs
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[Image: 184px-I_Am_Murloc%28714%29.png?version=b...154da3228c][Image: 184px-I_Am_Murloc%28714%29_Gold.png?vers...38b6e0bdb1]
I Am Murloc is an uncollectable card that can be put in the player's hand via Elite Tauren Chieftain.
[Image:][Image: 184px-Elite_Tauren_Chieftain%28682%29_Go...4d524cecef]
So, why are we looking at this card in trivia?
Look at the art closer.
[Image: OevW42X.jpg]
Who murgls in Azeroth under the sea?
[Image: Mr._Krabs_About_To_Give_SpongeBob_and_Patrick_a_Toy.png]
These guys apparently.