Full Version: Battletoads' looks have changed a lot in their short run
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Like the title says, they've changed.

Early concept art of Rash had him wearing red arm bands, at some point. Although this did not make it any of the games, it did make to a bendy figure from 1992 -
[Image: Screenshot_2014_11_30_08_00_41_1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_2014_11_30_08_07_22.jpg]
In the NES box art, all three toads had the same color skin and Rash (on the left, since Pimple has spiked arm braces at the front and Zitz on the right has gaunlets) did not have sunglasses.
Going by the box art on the NES, Rash started with a medium green for his skin, while in the games, his skin is darker.
Pimple wore the same belt as Zitz at one point, being the toad in the front on the NES boxart cover. He had medium green skin, but was eventually changed to tan then brown. In the NES game, his skin was dark green, matching Rash's. In Battletoads and Double Dragon and the arcade game Battletoads, he appears with brownish skin.
Zitz, like the other two toads, started with medium green skin, but was a tan color to tell him apart from player 1 in the NES game. He changed to an olive-colored skin (Sega Genesis box art) before finally arriving at a cool blue in Battletoads and Double Dragon and the arcade game Battletoads.
In the Sega Genesis box art, all three toads have dark spots, with Zitz's appearance with olive-colored skin.
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