Full Version: Dark Souls : Projectile deflection
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Using the Wrath of God and Force miracles, it is possible to deflect projectile spells and arrows if timed correctly. What's much lesser known they can be used to deflect the bombs thrown by the Giant on near the top of Sen's Fortress.

Honestly, it feels as though they weren't intended to be deflected, given how ridiculous the distance they go afterwards.
Double post, I guess;  (lines 267 and 268)
Crossbreed Priscilla has unused animations for standing and sitting. According to a developer interview, she was originally meant to be an ally of the player. As development went on, her initial role was eventually replaced by the Firekeepers. The unused animations were likely a remnant of her previous role, which are reminiscent of the Maiden-in-Black from Demon's Souls who was is a different location and position each time visiting her.