Full Version: 2 Smash Bros. Trivia
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The remixed version of the DK Rap used in the Kongo Jungle actually has the the character select theme from the original Super Smash Bros. mixed into it. (5:43 Mark)

We know that Villager was originally going to be playable in Brawl but was cut and put into the sequel.
[Image: VillagerSSB.png]
But did you know that his prototype actually appears twice in Brawl?
First in the smashville stage
And second as a trophy
[Image: Animal_Crossing_Boy_Trophy.jpg]

Villager's default skin is based off of the Male Villager that appeared in multiple promotinal art, as well as the cover art for Animal Crossing: City Folk.
[Image: Cityfolkbox.jpg]
Any way to confirm that its the same model as the prototype?
(09-28-2014, 07:11 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]Any way to confirm that its the same model as the prototype?

For it being a prototype is pure speculation but highly likely, further backing this up is that the official Smash Bros. Facebook page itself said that Villiger is from Smashville.