Full Version: Nitronic Rush: Functional Unused Vehicles in the Data!
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So, Nitronic Rush is a free downloadable game that is very very good and very difficult. But the main point of this post is discussing what a Nitronic Rush player by the name of cadeharrison originally discovered and noted in the Nitronic Rush forums here:

In short, by changing the vehicle data values in the game, he was able to figure out a way to obtain cars that normally had to be unlocked through difficult challenges. However, it had a surprising side effect: two hidden vehicles that were only partially programmed and still somewhat buggy were in the games code and could be added back in. There is no way to unlock these two vehicles:
[Image: Intimidator.png]
[Image: NitronicRushCycle.png]

They were left in the game's code. They are still playable, but unfinished and buggy. For example, at the vehicle selection screen, there is no picture for the Cycle. At the starting line, the van will be there but it turns into the cycle when you start racing. The only way to unlock them is by hacking data in the game file itself. Here is a video showing the coding involved and these two vehicles in action: