Full Version: Bōken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon English release
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An English release of Bōken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon, the 23rd game in the Ganbare Goemon series (known as the Mystical Ninja series in the west, 24th if you were to include the port of Goemon: Shin Sedai Shūmei! on the GBA Goemon: New Age Shutsudō) was originally being worked on by the now defunct publisher Working Designs.

The English translation had apparently been finished but the version was rejected by Sony shortly before E3 2001. A rumor was that Sony had rejected it due to the game's subpar graphics.

Former president of Working Designs, Vic Ireland, has said he still has the English localized copy of the game and would wish to have it released as a PSN classic.

A promotional Goemon plush doll was handed out to participants at E3 2001 by Working Designs.
as well as a plush of Goemon's pet Tiger, Kotora, from the game.

Here's a trailer I found for the supposed English version (unsure if real).