Full Version: Trivia in the Metroid Series
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Authors Note: I just watched the latest Metroid DYK Video and now I'm giving more facts that I knew about this series. Some facts gamers may know already but I'd rather post it then have it be not known about. Enjoy.

Original Metroid: (Game Creation)

• Due to limitations in the NES hardware, the unit was unable to portray Samus crawling. The Morph Ball was created to simplify the required animation to the point that the NES could handle it.

• The original Metroid named the Morph Ball "Maru-Mari", which is simply a transliteration of its Japanese name, まるまり marumari. This is derived from the verb 丸まる marumaru, meaning "to roll into a ball."


• The melody from the Tourian theme music from Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission is identical to the melody in the later half of the piece "Gnomus" from Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

Metroid Fusion: (Fun Fact)

• This game might have supported the Metroid Manga. In the Japanese version, once the player clears the ending credits there given completely different ending-images (to show clear time and item collecting results). These images (all but one) feature Samus in the white ‘training’ outfit she was seen in during the beginning of the Manga in the 2nd chapter. As well as some shots of ‘Gray Voice’ the Chozo elder.

Japanese Metroid Fusion Ending Images:
Metroid Manga, white training outfit:
[Image: Sammie_zps2ee2f3d4.png]
Metroid Prime 3: (Game Creation/Fun Fact)

• Notice anything familiar about the orange-ish ‘Fuel Gel’ canisters lining the perimeter of the south Jungle hall on Planet Bryyo? During the level design of the area, Retro Studios took inspiration from Tourian. If you look closely, you can see the likeness of those red-tubular barriers in that area.

NES Tourain:
[Image: Tourian-thumb.png]
Bryyo - South Jungle Hall:
[Image: agh_zps2d047599.png][Image: Tuuuuuubes_zpse12b1169.png]

To make more of a connection, in one of the trailers for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, blueprints made by the Galactic Federation for a future Aurora Unit complex are shown, identical to Mother Brain's chamber in Tourian from Super Metroid. The blueprints from Corruption may have played a role in the construction of Sector Zero.

It is also possible that Space Pirates from Zebes had gained access to the blueprints and reconstructed Tourian in Super Metroid based on them.

• In the European release, Admiral Dane does not say “Damn!” but “No!”

• There is an Easter egg placed in the game. While aboard Samus’ ship, click the black decoder on the upper center of the ships-controls. If you dial special combinations of the alien-code, you will get voice messages from the game’s creators. Note that each person has their own code.
The voice messages are from Yoshio Sakamoto, Kensuke Tanab, Kenj Yamamoto, Iwata and Miyamoto.

Video Link:
Metroid Other M: (Fun Facts)

• Anthony Higgs shares his initials with Armstrong Houston, a character from the NintendoPower Super Metroid comic series. Both characters also share a similar role as a muscular, friendly partner accompanying Samus’ mission.

• Did you know during the flashback with MB, the Scientist seen in this cut scene (Who says: "Fascinating"), is the same scientist Samus met in SuperMetroid when delivering the Metroid-specimen?

Original Super Metroid Scientist:
[Image: NESScientist_zps7a186101.png]

Other M Scientist:
[Image: Scientist1_zps82d8ae81.png][Image: Scientist2_zpsaf68b2fc.png]