Full Version: Deadly Premonition
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SWERY 65 (real name Hidetaka Suehiro) is the director for the game and is hidden/referenced in several places within the game;
-If you turn on a TV, you can sometimes see a picture of SWERY 65 skydiving.
-Richard Dunn owns a bar called SWERY 65'. The license plate on his car also has this on it.
-A poster in the Greenvale Sheriff's Department shows SWERY 65 with a police dog.
-SWERY 65 even has his own in-game trading card, which is Number 65 and it even encourages players to seek out aforementioned eastereggs of him in the game.

[Image: npgYtMr.jpg] [Image: DoGeNiP.jpg]
[Image: MI8XGiW.png]
[Image: tuZqxAW.jpg]
^Guide that'll also point out the two Swerys on the TV and poster.


The cars driven by characters in the game each has their own unique license plate which references to some trait about them (ie Richard Dunn is SWERY65 the bar that he owns, Nick Cormack is GR8COOK referencing his cooking skills, etc.) The two Sheriff’s Department vehicles have their own as well, the SUV being "VIDGMES" (Video Games) and most notably the Patrol Cars "SPYFCTN" (Spy Fiction.)

"Spy Fiction" is actually another videogame that SWERY65 had previously directed for the PS2 in 2002.


[Image: 93u3m3P.jpg]
Forrest Kaysen (The Sapling Salesman) is actually a recurring character from games directed by SWERY65. His role differs in each game and are actually not connected to each other. The only constant is his name and appearance. He originally appeared in Spy Fiction as a scientist, appears as a traveling sapling salesman in Deadly Premonition and is confirmed to be in the next SWERY65 game, D4. It is not currently known what his role will be in D4.

((Going to get more in a bit. I found some really weird phrases on some of the posters in the game, some of it being misspellings/mistranslations and some of it being just plain weird inclusions of stuff like "Hello Kitty" on a hospital sign))