Full Version: Super Mario and 80s singers?
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I was playing this game today and got through castle 6. A particular line and name of a Koopling peaked my interest.
So, skip to the 3:04 mark:

Wendy O. Koopa in castle #6 has sung her last song.

Wendy O. Williams was a singer, originally with the Plasmatics, then a solo career, known for her wild antics and near nudity on stage that committed suicide in 1998. Her fame was the greatest in the early to mid 80s.
On that note, this video may not be in great taste and features near nudity:

Now, from what I have looked up, several sources do say Wendy O. Koopa is named after Wendy O. Williams. I'd personally say it's a theory (it's true that some Mario enemy names have musical origins, such as Boos originally being named "Boo Diddlys" after Bo Diddly"), but I find it odd that Nintendo would name a character after a slightly obscure and not family friendly singer.
Edit: Changed the video to a more friendly, professional looking video that still features Wendy O. Williams on lead vocals.
If I remember right, most of bowser's kids were named after musicians. The only ones at the top of my head right now are Lemmy Koopa after the singer of motorhead, Lemmy (forgot his name) and Ludwig Van Koopa being named after Ludwig Van Beethoven.
All the Koopalings are named after musicians:
Larry Koopa - Larry Mullen Jr. (Drummer of U2)
Morton Koopa Jr. - Morton Downey Jr. (Singer/songwriter)
Iggy Koopa - Iggy Pop (Leader of the Stooges)
Roy Koopa - Roy Orbison (Rock & Roll Musician)
Lemmy Koopa - Lemmy Kilmister (leader/bassist of Motörhead)
Ludwig Von Koopa - Ludwig Von Beethoven ( famous composer)

These names were done by NOA in translation.