Full Version: Clock Tower
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Resident Evil 3 has the clock tower and the name comes from another game
[Image: nvw6x1.jpg]

is this a reference?
If its by the same company, maybe.
If not, no. Clock Towers are a thing after all.
[Image: Big_Ben_2007-1.jpg]
I bet it's a reference to the MK3 stage.

By the time RE3 came out Clock Tower was still owned by Human Entertainment. The company went defunct a year later, though.

The only Clock Tower game made by Capcom is Clock Tower 3 but by the time they had used the IP RE3 had been out for 3 years. For reference they only acquired the series after Human Entertainment had gone under.

What I'm trying to say here is that it's not a reference. The only thing common between each game is the existence of a generic clock tower in each.