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This one is a bit of a stretch, but feel as though it's worth mentioning.

(At 2:23)

In Jojo's All Star Battle, using one of Joseph Joestar's taunts against Dio Brando will have Joseph mock Dio by "predicting" he will say "WRYYYYYYY" next, which Dio follows up with and is surprised by said prediction.

The "WRYYYYYY" that Joseph makes sounds similar to that of the original arcade version of it, which became a semi-famous internet meme that was parodied in various videos.

(At 0:50)

Speaking of the internet meme, it's not referenced truthfully;
Dio doesn't screech "WRYYYYYY" after dumping a Road Roller on an opponent, he actually just laughs. The only time he ever used the sound was during his Super Move "Bloody Summoning" and for Shadow Dio's "Dio's Charisma".
and (again)

The misappropriated reference is likely because of an unofficial fan version of Dio Brando for MUGEN:

On an unofficial note, there's rumor that the voice actor for Joseph Joestar (Tomokazu Sugita) was fully aware of the synthesized version of it, so intentionally tried to mimic it for that taunt.
Sadly, that's just a rumor and I haven't found anything directly stating it. :\
gotta bump this--

In the English version of the game, if Joseph Joestar beats the DLC character Lisa Lisa, his victory screen has him saying "Why did it have to come to this?! You are tearing me APART, Lisa Lisa!"

This quote is an joke-translation of the same quote from the movie The Room in which Tommy Wiseau's character yells out "You are Tearing me APART, Lisa!"
I should be tiard of this Meme by now, but I'm not, and I love that this is in the game. - vs Jonathan Joestar vs Jean Pierre Eiffel/Polnareff vs Dio Brando (Part 3 version) vs Bruno Bucciarati vs Father Pucci

Giorno Giovanna's HHA move has slightly unique animations for each character in the game, but five of them stand out more so than the others, by referencing various panels of the manga and/or abilities of the person;
- When used against Jonathan Joestar, Giorno's stand will apply its thumb onto Jonathan's eye. This is a reference to Part 1 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Phantom Blood) in which Dio Brando fights Jonathan Joestar in a boxing match and cheat by jamming his thumb into his eye, causing it to bleed and temporarily blind him.
- When used against Jean Pierre Eiffel(Polnareff in Japan), Jean's tongue will stick out. This a reference to Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders) in which another character, Hol Horse, is pointing a gun towards Jean and Jean is trying to warn the rest of his friends about it by pointing behind him with his tongue.
- When used against Dio Brando (Part 3 version), the attack aims more towards Dio's upper-head. Normally the attack hits other characters in the cheek/jaw, but this is likely a reference to Jotaro Kujo managing to successfully attack Dio Brando and temporarily caving in his skull.
- When used against Bruno Bucciarati, his face contorts more so than any of the other characters, in reference to Giorno and Bruno's first fight in Part 5 (Vento Aureo).
- When used against Father Pucci of Part Six (Stone Ocean), Giorno's stand will use his other hand to "anchor" itself from Pucci's stand ability of inverting gravity. The screen even rotates 90 degrees to show Pucci attempting to use the inverse gravity to repel Giorno's attack.