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Nyello. I'm Benny the Almiraj. ...Well... okay, I'm just a guy with an online mascot named Benny the Almiraj, but whatever. Anyway, I've been a decent Fable fan for a while. I've played Fables 2 and 3 before playing the original game, and I'm addicted to all three of them. As far as Trivia goes, I don't have much, just information anyone could have told you, but...

Fable II
1: In addition to the loading screen that references "Your Health is Low," there is a potion shop in Fable 2 that is named "Your Health Is Low." Many of Fable's "Your Health Is Low" references are based on the over-all disdain towards being told this every time your health reaches a certain point in the original Fable.

Fable III
2: Fable 3 also makes a reference to "Your Health Is Low." On one of the tombstones in the Mourningwood Graveyard, the quote "Your Health Is Low" is featured on one.

3: Fable 3 also has other references. One tombstone features the quote "It is dangerous to go alone. Take this" which is of coarse a quote from the original Legend of Zelda.

4: Another tombstone features the quote "Here lies Arnold. He will not be back." Which is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fable 3 Tombstones.
Why didn't you just submit these to the site? This board is for posting evidence for things that can't be summed up by a single source. Your submissions in your post can, mostly, be summed up the one source you've posted...
Sorry, I'm not sure where to post. It doesn't seem to be made clear anywhere on the forums.
When browsing the actual website, there's a big button that says "Add Game & Submit Trivia"

If there's already a Fable section, there's a button on the page that also says "Add Trivia" - so you can just submit directly to the game :)