Full Version: Lance Vance's Suits
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To start off, yeah, this may be sort of a stretch, so I'm okay if it's not accepted. But here's the trivia - In GTA Vice City Stories, in the mission Snitch Hitch, Lance is on the phone and says, "Pink. No, blue. No, white - I'll take all three. Hey... I'll call you back!" He is referring to the suits that he wears in the future.

The Blue Suit is the suit he wears in the second half of Vice City Stories:
[Image: 300px-TakingtheFall-GTAVCS.png]
The White Suit is the suit he wears in Vice City:
[Image: 160px-LanceVance-GTAVC.jpg]
The Pink Suit is the one he wears in the Artwork for Vice City:
[Image: 94px-LanceVance-GTAVC-artwork.jpg]