Full Version: World Of Warcraft Goblin Origin quests
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[Image: GSuVvwg.png]

Context: Pygmies have been attacking your makeshift town area after the goblin city you're from was destroyed in the cataclysm by deathwing.

The pygmies have turned goblins they've captured into zombies, and when you're near the town where a goblin is killing zombies using defensive cannons, someone yells out "smoker", a reference to Left 4 Dead.

I'm trying to print screen another one I found but it keeps print screening my desktop for some reason.

Its a goblin saying "What do you think, Zombie Kill of the week?" referencing zombieland.

You can see it as 6:34 in this video. I tell ya, it really is bugging me that the one print screen worked but everyone past that was just my desktop.
Hey, I hate to ask, but I honestly forgot.

If someone who accepts the trivia could check, did I submit this yet?
Nothing in the queue. If you submitted it, it's either been accepted or rejected (or some third option we use for our secret rituals that keep us in control of the forum).
Alright, I'll get to that now then.

Submitted, many thanks Seriously Though.

WALL-E reference if anyone wants it.