Full Version: Applejack in Draw a Stickman?
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One of the promotial pictures for Draw a Stickman shows a character strongly resembling the MLP character.

The game's Steam page:

[Image: ss_e0009ade24f5890d3673c1f9e9b4bee405f96...1385566986]

[Image: Applejack_S01E13_cropped.png]
Curious. Have the developers commented about this?
I don't think they have but the resemblance is uncanny. It was even featured on Equestria Daily.

For all non-pony fans, EQD is an MLP news site.
Didn't you notice Gamera on the right?
(01-16-2014, 12:25 AM)Giroxerog Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't you notice Gamera on the right?

I thought about it but decided against it. Distinguishing a specific turtle with fangs from a generic monster is more difficult and a longer shot than a character with the exact color scheme and known characteristics of another character.

I mean, the colors and the fangs don't really even match Gamera. It would be much easier if that thing was jetting through the screen.