Full Version: Shadow The Hedgehog VS F-Zero
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In the game, Shadow the Hedgehog, you have multiple chances of running to a mini boss depending on which path you chose. Two bosses may pop out at you if your a fan of F-Zero. The first boss is Blue Falcon, who is fought in Stage 5: The ARK.

This is also the name of Captain Falcon's Racing Machine.

The second boss (and the one you are most likely going to face first) is Black Bull, who is fought in Stage 2: Lethal Highway and Stage 4: Death Ruins.

This is also the name of Black Shadow's Racing Machine.

This could be a big coincidence that both these bosses share the same name as Machines in the F-Zero Series, but since SEGA did help co-develop F-Zero GX, it's really not that farfetched.