Full Version: Playable Darkstalkers Bosses
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Under normal circumstances, you are not allowed to play as Huitzil and Pyron (the two bosses of the game) in the original Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, but if you hack the game, you can find a way to play as them. They work just fine as playable characters (though Pyron is unable to complete the game due to a bug) and have alternate color schemes for someone who is playing as the same character.
[Image: Ds-p2huitzil1.gif][Image: Ds-p2pyron.gif]

This, coupled with the fact that they both have there own endings (though you need to search for Pyron's ending due to the bug), suggest that they were once planed to be playable.

(ending at 10:00)
(I can't find Pyron's ending, though I do have a picture)
[Image: Ds-pyron-ending1.png]

Evidence that this could be true is that the endings they have are the exact same endings from the sequel, "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge", though they are in an unfinished state since the ending text just shows "AAAAAAA" repeated and the music does not play like it should.

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