Full Version: German text in the Spanish Metal Gear Rising version
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Once in a while I like to bring trivia about terrible Spanish translations, and this time, it's Metal Gear Rising's turn.

The game is full of typos and expressions that are hardly ever used in regular speech, but it didn't bug me that much. The thing that struck me was that four or five times in the game you come across untranslated German text. ┬┐The evidence? Here:

[Image: mgrr34.jpg?w=1160]

There are a lot more instances, but I can't find any image.

Anyway, the trivia would say something like: "In the Spanish version of the game, among other errors, there are some instances of untranslated German text mixed between Spanish sentences".

PS: This time I'll wait for the aproval from the admins before submitting the trivia.
If you can find a couple more examples, that'd be great. Not that I don't believe you, but it'd be a bit more reasonable to say that it appears in multiple places if I can see it in multiple places.
I found a Spanish Let's Play with two random setences in German here (around 16:32):

I know there are more, mainly in the ability upgrade submenu, where (I think) they just didn't care anymore, but to find them I would have to record the footage myself or spend hours looking for another playthrough that shows them.
I would say this constitutes a good submission; submit away!