Square Enix
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In 2022, a press kit for Squaresoft's appearance at E3 2001 was uploaded online, containing previously-unseen screenshots of early gameplay, artwork, and promotional details for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Chronicles, and the film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within".
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Enix's name is a play on the words "phoenix", and "ENIAC", the world's first digital computer.
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8.25% of Square Enix is owned by Sony. Sony originally purchased the stake in Square at 18.6%, which decreased after the Square Enix merger.
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Besides sharing a few visual similarities, the characters Axel (Kingdom Hearts) and Reno (Final Fantasy VII) share the same voice actor in multiple languages. Tetsuya Nomura did this intentionally to experiment with putting a familiar character in a new environment and role. He also stated in an interview that the two are "different people, but subconsciously alike".
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