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In 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment of America attempted to trademark the term "Let's Play" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, however it was rejected by the Office because it was deemed "confusingly similar" to another trademark held by Let'z Play of America, a company based in Georgia that organizes and connects video gamers with online and offline events, which has held the trademark since 2013.
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Sony owns an 8.25% stake in Square Enix. The purchase happened before the Square Enix merger, with Square asking Sony for the investment. Sony bought 16.8% of Square stock, which was reduced after the merger.
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SEGA was the second company (after Nintendo) to be in negotiation with Sony to make a new console, but the idea was eventually rejected by SEGA. It was confirmed by Tom Kalinske (an employee of SEGA) that the console specs SEGA had proposed were used for the PlayStation. It was also the technical achievements of SEGA's "Virtua Fighter" that made Sony focus on 3D rather than 2D. SEGA essentially sealed their own fate in the console market by rejecting the plans and inspiring Sony to focus on 3D.
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