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The "Moai Statues" of real-life Easter Island show up in a number of Konami-made games, the most notable examples being across the Gradius series, as well as in the Metal Gear series.
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Konami formed Ultra Games in the US and and Palcom in Europe as a way of circumventing a Nintendo licensing policy which stipulated that each third-party could only release 5 titles per year for the NES. With an extra publishing arm, Konami was able to publish 10 titles per year.

Their hold on a trademark for "Ultra Games" would later prevent Nintendo from using the name "Ultra 64" for one of their consoles.
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The infamous Konami Code was made by Konami programmer Kazuhisa Hashimoto after failing to beat Gradius on the NES. He programmed a simple code into the game that gave him a full set of power-ups, which allowed him to play test the game to the end.
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