2K Games
A game based on the critically reviled, but at the time still in production, animated film "Foodfight!" got far enough into development that it received a playable demo at Take Two Interactive's booth at E3 2006. According to the marquee above the demo, it was scheduled to be released in Spring 2007 to coincide with the film's planned release at the time. Due to distribution setbacks, the film would not see a release until 2012, but the game would never be seen again. The only known evidence of this game's existence is a short 8 second piece of B-roll footage captured on the E3 show floor.

The game would have been a 3D platformer starring Dex Dogtective, and possibly would have featured voice work from at least some of the film's cast including Charlie Sheen (the voice of Dex), Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff and Wayne Brady. It's unknown who would have developed the game, but it was expected to be published by Global Star Software (which would later be absorbed into 2K in late 2007) and released for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and PlayStation 2.
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