In a 1985 interview with Bill Gates published in the 8/83 issue of LOGiN magazine, he stated the "X" letter in the MSX name doesn't have any special meaning. It was added purely for aesthetic reasons that he felt the logo needed to look good, and that it had an almost artistic sound and a nice ring to it. He thought the logo captured their distinctive style, and that it acted as a "guarantee of compatibility" when systems compatible with the MSX would start using it.
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Miner Machine is the only Finnish game ever released internationally on the MSX. Astonishingly, this was done without any permission or knowledge from its developers whatsoever. The French publishing house Eaglesoft first released their own copy of the game without ever contacting the developers. Spanish developer System 4 then took the Eaglesoft release and published it with slightly altered cover art. Finally, it was featured in a compilation called "30 MSX Hits" from Premium III.

It wasn't until 2005, 17 years after the game's original release, that the developers found out about this. Neither developer ever received any royalties for their copied games.
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